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This page will contain selected materials from the HRSA-funded EnhanceLink Initiative. The website is currently in development.

Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care and Services
in Jail Settings

Report on Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care in Jail Settings:
Our first task was to convene in October 2006 a consultation meeting of experts in the field of jail health and management to discuss and synthesize current trends and best practices in HIV counseling and testing in jails and linkages to services for recently released inmates. The proceedings of this meeting were summarized in a report to HRSA on potential interventions, research design and data elements.

Click here to access the preliminary report (PDF, Approximately 300K).

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EnhanceLink Policy Briefs
1) HIV Testing in Correctional Facilities
2) Linkage to Social Support Services
3) Strategies to Enhance Linkages
4) Transitional Care Coordination

Jail Testing Implementation Guide
Jail: Time for Testing

EnhanceLink Instruments
Client Enrollment Form (CEI)
Baseline Interview (BLN)
Jail-Based Event Record (JBE)
Jail Chart Review (JCR)
Community-Based Event Record (CBE)
Post Release Summary (PRS)
Follow Up Clinical Review (FCR)
Follow Up Interview (C6M)
Quarterly Program Summary (QPS)

An Overview of the EnhanceLink Initiative and Findings
EnhanceLink Overview - 2012 International AIDS Conference


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